Weddings at Silvery Moon Lodge

Weddings at Silvery Moon Lodge

Embracing the enchantment of Silvery Moon for your wedding unfolds as a truly distinctive experience. Beyond the embrace of natural beauty, what sets us apart is the unparalleled flexibility we offer. Liberated from rigid 'packages,' fixed menus, or strict timelines, your wedding with us is a canvas awaiting your unique strokes.
 At Silvery Moon, we are dedicated to actualizing your wedding vision. Our venue and staff are committed to creating the celebration you desire. The expanse of our grounds becomes exclusively yours, allowing your festivities to conclude at your chosen moment—whether an early evening soirée or a late-night revelry.
 Opting for our catering services means embarking on a culinary journey tailored to your tastes. Collaborate closely with our chef to curate a menu that resonates with your preferences and elevates your celebration to gastronomic heights. At Silvery Moon, your wedding is a reflection of your dreams, and we are here to bring those dreams to life.

Our stay was amazing. Just perfect. Already planning our next trip back!
Amy Johnson



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